Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last weekend we attended a Scottish Festival with our Cousins

This picture makes me laugh....doesn't it just feel like this somedays?!

Kids and Dogs

Saw a Double Rainbow
"There are four rainbows, two in the front of the house and two in the back!"

Hello there tree people

And a glorious sunset

When we got home we had to do a little skating
and pinecone kicking.

There are somethings that I just don't

Oh what do you do in the summertime?!

(Adding to my list of things for this year:  20.  Saw Scott MacDonald (Sons of Somerled) live! And got an autograph.  21.  Went swimming with my kids and got to observe Mowg being assisted in becoming a better swimmer (thank you!) and see his improvement:  a lap down and back with only water wings for support!)

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Maraiya said...

Yea for Mowg! I love seeing photos of your family and Naomi's. 1) I actually know everyone in the photos and 2) it's more people that I love and miss.