Saturday, July 9, 2011

Remember my list?  My Mom keeps asking about it so here's a bit of an update:  It's become a bit of a "firsts" and some amazing experiences I've had.  I've learned something about myself in making this list.  I love reading other people's "Bucket Lists" of things they'd like to do.  I have a few things on my own list, but I want to be able to enjoy what comes along.  I don't do that as well when I have grand expectations.  You'll see things on this list that I've experienced that I'd never have imagined wanting to or being able to.  I'm so grateful for that and I want to record them.  So here's what would have been on my bucket list had I any idea at all.  I also have one item on my list and the reason that it's there I hope I've explained.  It's more to me than just a thing.  So I don't know what to call it.  Maybe a Gratitude List.

40 Things I'm Grateful I've Experienced this Year

1. Published an article (It came out this Month!  In The Wyoming Wyoman Summer Edition)

2. Accepted an opportunity to sit on a teacher interview board (even though stepping into a school makes me slightly sick to my stomach).
3. Made a quilt top of my own design that isn't squares.  (This is the ocean quilt for Tiny inspired by The Q and U)
4. Completed a quilt top from a pattern. (this went off with Granny before I remembered to take a picture, but 2 years into it it's done!)
5.  Took a trip to the Northwest to be with my youngest sister on a special day for her and her husband.  As a side (and amazing gift) I got to visit with most of my family.  Thanks Mom, Dad and Om for that gift.  Better than London. :)
6.  On the above trip reconnected with an old friend.  What a wonderful time that was! 
7.  Recieved a silver bracelet as an early birthday present.  This is a carved bracelet that has the two love birds (Eagle and Raven).  I still can't believe that it's mine.  Someone I know carved it and that makes it even more special.  To top it off it came from my folks in a wonderful little ceremony that involved my folks and kids.  Everytime I wear it I think of my Mom.  I see her hands in mine.
8.  Drove a 4 Wheeler for the first time.
9.  Heard a pack of coyotes singing in the night for the first time.  (Even if I mistook them for dogs)
10.  Went camping and fishing as just our family for the first time.  Memories!
11.  Caught a fish and remembered why it was so fun. ("Just one more cast")
12.  Started making vinegar (first time and I'm very excited.)
13.  Made a pair of pants!
14.  Transitioned baby chicks from their box (in the mail) to their new home.
15.  Held a grown up chicken for the first time (not as freaky as I thought it would be)
16.  Bought alcohol for the first time (I know this might not be a steller thing or something that would be a big deal, but it took me a while to get my nerve up so I'm counting it.  Just in case you're worried it's for making something on the below list...can you guess?)
17.  Volunteered at a Co-op once in my own town and once in another one.
18.  Watched the fireworks from a place where I thought for a moment I was celebrating in Alaska with my little family enjoying it too.  (Tiny's "bread" making aside)
19.  Watched two wild mountain lions cross the road and climb a cliff.
Not bad for half a year. 

Coming up (I hope) are:
1.  Make a couple of bucket hats for the kids
2.  Make Vanilla
3.  Make a tie
4.  Make a dress (Yikes!)
5.  And a skirt (for me!)
6.  Learn how to pressure can and can some dried beans.
7.  Start vinegar from Gravenstein apples
8.  Try rhubarb Vinegar
9.  Write a few more articles, maybe a story.
10.  Read the Arabian Nights (1001 Tales)

I'm sure there is more on the list, but I can't think of it at the moment.


Marissa said...

This is an amazing list. It makes me want to write down new and interesting things in my life, as well as find new experiences.

Maraiya said...

This sounds like a great year! I love the list.