Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yesterday's quote of the day came from Mowg,
 "I don't think I'll ever see spring again."

This morning as he opened the blinds to check on the season,
("spring, winter whatever its going to be")

This is the view that greeted him

From the deer we learned how to cross the street. 

First:  look right

Look left

When you notice a car driving on the road, wait.

Look right again

Then left

When you're sure it's clear proceed across the street at a leisurely pace.

Crossing the street deer style is not that different from people style.
That's what I learned.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Your deer book is getting better and better! I love it!

Maraiya said...

I completely appreciate Mowg's sentiments as I've been feeling the same way. Spring always feels so cold here; I definitely miss Western Oregon this time of year and all the flowers and trees in bloom. Your deer photos (and the narrative) were fabulous!