Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

I love Easter as the quintessential harbinger of Spring
I love the remembrance of the Holy Week
I love the whimsical springtime baby animals
I love colored eggs
This is the first year that is was simply fun to watch my kids dye them

First eggs

The thrill of the first view of color on the egg
(don't mind the morning hair and the candy encrusted face.  The Easter bunny visited us this morning.  Don't come between this girl and her chocolate!)


Sometimes a big brother needs to help his little sister.

Organizing the eggs

Pose by the eggs

Happy Easter!


Maraiya said...

I love Easter too. I think it's become my absolute favorite holiday.

Chiska said...

Thanks for all your comments! Tiny's hair is so hard for me to decide on the color. Sometimes it's very red, most of the time it's suble shades of brown and blonde. Calico without the patches I guess! :) You should not be afraid of making a quilt. It really is fun and if I ever actually finish one I'll be able to tell you it's rewarding too! :) Big hugs to you!