Sunday, April 17, 2011

Celebration-the pictures

On the platform waiting for Traxs

And waiting

Here comes the train!

Mowg is his most excited when he's just looking about

Tiny on the other hand is much more expressive
"We riding the train!"

Visiting the Museum of Church History and Art

The quilt piecing wall

Catching fish always holds the greatest appeal

"Look what my got!"

Trying some traditional Mexican dancing
Can you beat a skirt like that?!

They had a mirror that you could watch yourself in, but for some reason neither one of the kids wanted to see themselves.  I'm still puzzled by this as they are usually looking into any reflective surface at themselves when we're at home.  Perhaps it was the lifesize adult strangers in the TV screens behind them.

Wood dolls with clothes to go with them.

Pretend food to "eat", a garden to pick carrots and onions from, and chickens to collect eggs from.

At the end of the visit a lion to rest on

And stand by for a brief moment

The single picture I got of our cougar experience is a blurr of mountain side, not a lion in sight. 
That is still surreal.

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Maraiya said...

I love that her hair is red (or auburn?). It just makes me happy. It looks like they had fun.