Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Envy

It really is Spring here, just not the textbook definition.  It's warmer some days.  Snow falls, but doesn't stay long (except of course for the stuff that's still piled up).  It's only hard that I was in Oregon and Washington a few weeks ago and there were roses already falling off of bushes.  I think the other kind of spring that includes flowers (not partially or mostly covered in snow) are some kind of other-world-spring.  I realize that snow is a huge part of our lives when my little girl obviously loves the snow.  "Look Mom, I a snowman!" (This said as she puts on a scarf and once in a while a hat).  Then both of my children want to make snowflakes and hang them up around the house.  There's not enough outside.  They do love a good snowball fight.  I guess I just need to buck up some.   Snow, after all is not swirling dirt.

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