Thursday, February 17, 2011

What happens when you really love Jelly? 
You're on your second piece of toast--so it's really about the jelly you love.

You take a bite out of the middle of the toast
(note her octupus skirt that I made!  One of her favorites--mine too.)

 It's deyicious.
(yeah that's really what she says)

Doesn't it look that way?
Thank you Granny for the Nagoon Berry Jelly.
Tiny's not the only one that loves it, but she shows it the best.

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Anonymous said...

Another GREAT book in the making: Deyicious would be a great title too! Throw in a few berry picking, jelly making pictures and there you have it! Jelly-Deyicious! and Deer Friends. I really like them both.