Thursday, February 3, 2011

We've stayed pretty close to home with the cold weather we've been having--ok we haven't left the house. I pulled out some blocks for the kids to stack (in lieu of stacking movies as high as they could) This is the sun that Mowg built.  It's been fun to see what they've done with them these last two days.  I usually have them put away, so it's novel for them.  Tall towers, bridges, unusual formations have all been built and destroyed rapidly over and over again.

Due to illness we've also had to put off our Friday Fun Days and other Preschool activities.
We were to have done a Train Themed Friday fun day last week.  We will still do it, but could not wait to do some of the activities.  Here's decorating the "Thomas" cookies.  

 Gingerbread cookies are the cookie of choice around here, so we make a lot of them.

Mowg really prefers his without frosting (They're too Sweetish--which incidentally sounds like "Swedish")

 Tiny prefers to eat them, frosting is good.

 Mowg's silly face.

Happy start of the Chinese New Year! 
Are you doing anything to celebrate?  Our town celebration was cancelled this year
and I usually make laterns to string around the room.  I did find a pretty neat, very easy decoration that I plan to make a bunch of.  More about that another day.  We really ought to do something with chopsticks, we recently were given a "few" to play with.  Which we did a bit ago.
Warning:  pictures of people eating below--not terribly pretty. :)

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Anonymous said...

Tiny, the fish!
What a dish!
You make me smile
All the while
and then I laugh and
laugh and laugh!
Love the chopstix pix!
Love you LOTS