Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Commercial Fishing, another pet topic of mine has precious little representation in the picture book world.  In my attempt to discover one I found this one, Going Fishing by Bruce McMillan.   It's about a boy that goes fishing first with one grandfather, then another.  It's set in Iceland.  It's true.  They fish for two different types of fish and the author gives you the pronounciation for the Icelandic words and names in the text.  It's possible that I love this book because I can feel the wind and the lift of the waves as I read it.  It's possible that I love it because I can see myself walking up from the dock.  It's just possible that while I haven't earned my fisherman's hat I've stood at a similar place.  I've tried to capture it on film.  Mr. McMillan you have produced a fine book.  A great true story.

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