Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's a new month!  I'm hoping (praying too) for a change in our "weather".   We lost one of our deer friends last month.  None of the deer showed up for quite a while after that.  Then the past few days they've begun showing up again.  Today we had three in the backyard.  It was sooo cold, the poor things.  Here's a few pictures (and what to do in insanely cold weather):

Two bedded down under one tree, another under a different one.

Try to hold in as much body heat as possible.

Get up, move around--scratch a little.

Eat a little (can you see her tongue?!)

 It was by some reports about -49F with the windchill this morning.  The snow was certainly being blown about.  Sedentary deer got a little frosted.

This one is just outside our backdoor.  She's eating the bottom cut off of our Christmas tree--makes me glad that I've been so slow to take care of it.  Watching them you just want to help somehow.

She's wondering I suppose if I couldn't possibly let her in?

Jack Frost visited the inside of our windows and left some lovely designs

 I love the lacey ferns
 January found us doing quite a bit of this:

The next two are for Granny
(She sent us a drawing of Tiny to "match" one we had of Mowg)

(I think she did a fabulous job on both of them)
Tiny and Mowg are so very pleased to have them up on their bedroom wall.
Thanks Mom!

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Jess said...

Those poor deer look so cold!