Thursday, April 15, 2010

When it's snowy outside, this is the mischief we get up to inside:

Discovery of a small bowl of powdered sugar:

(Thanks Christa for the reminder to take pictures when I'd rather do other less kind things)
Look I can get into the child-proof-lock cupboard

He's tough as  Rhino!
And loves these girl shoes!

What pencil scribbles?

I don't know what you're talking about.


Heather said...

The powder sugar ones remind me of picture you took of Daniel and Megan when you were in Provo.

Naomi said...

what Heather said.. at my house too! Then there's the infernal need to COLOR!!!
Ahhh shoes!!

Maraiya said...

She. is. adorable. Seriously. Also, I like the reminder about taking photos. My best mom-moment-where-I-didn't-yell was when I found (2 out of my 3 have done this) child drawings/scribblings all over the pages of my scriptures. Someone had mentioned that one day those would be priceless, so I didn't say a word and just wrote the child's name and date of discovery on the page. I adore those scribbles now.