Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet Farmer Mowg

He Feeds Chickens

Here's the food he left for the goats

 See the book-like picture albumn?
  That's where the cows are resting
The fabric and toys are their food.

One night as he was going to bed he asked his Dad to get all the animals some water.  He had fed them, but they still needed some water.  Then he paused a moment, reflecting and said, "I hope I fed them enough.  I fed them some fabric.  Hmm and some toys!"

Did I mention it snowed?

And snowed and snowed?  It did.  I was sick for 3 days of it (quite literally--who knew that gatorade was on the long list of things that probably won't stay down).  I still didn't miss it.  Winter in Spring.

Ah, but here's a lovely "E".  Could that mean the end is in sight?

I can but hope.

Hoping is just like Spring.

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GPT said...

He is growing up so handsome. What fun you are all having.