Friday, April 9, 2010

So part of what we've been up to has to do with
Auntie Lou and Uncle D coming down for a visit.

We enjoyed Uncle D's cooking and just had fun.
Auntie Lou was busy loving on little ones and taking care of the lame.

As for the littlest one hard not to gobble up

Coloring with cousins is so fun!
(just a little note those are coloring book pages slipped into plastic sleeves colored on by dry erase markers.  Isn't that brilliant?!)

I happened in on this card game.  Oh my!

And was invited to play.

You don't believe me?!

Lest anyone of the other cousins should feel bad that their pictures aren't here may I remind you,
 you  were:
playing with friends, riding bikes, playing hide and seek, going to school, reading books and playing games.  Did I miss anything?  Please don't think I don't love you because your picture's not here.  I didn't take one picture in the whole time I spent with you after Auntie Lou and Uncle D left.  Don't worry I'll get you another time and if your mother ever consents to me publishing pictures again I'll do it. 
Thanks for letting us visit and enjoy being with you!

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