Saturday, April 17, 2010

Signs that Spring just might be here:

A Nest
Found on the ground (probably blown or dripped out of the tree)
We put it back up where we could reach.


Grilling Love

A splash of color from the store

Nice Cold Lemonade in the shade
Pots of plants starts

Oooo that Lemonade is sour!


Flowers and a wee bit of green

Toys that Dig

"Mom, I broke my finger."
"I broke my finger, see."

(Wait a minute what does that have to do with Spring?  I'll tell you.  Nothing, except it happened one Spring day.)
(By the way, the finger wasn't broken, just jammed.  It didn't even swell up)


SHAKS Watts said...

Did the snow melt over night or was there some time between postings? :)

Chiska said...

It took a day--so nearly over night...and some time between posting. :) That is the great thing about Spring Snow though when it finally quits coming down it doesn't stick around long. :)

Heather said...

I love the pictures of the flowers! It is fun to see when they poke thru to say Spring is here.

Maraiya said...

He is looking so big! I'm so happy to see that maybe, just maybe, Juneau isn't the only place still cold and barely spring, despite the calendar date.