Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Day the Mighty Tree Fell

After a short intense wind storm the ninety-six year old spruce tree on our corner was down. 
Witnesses say that it was rocking back and forth and then rocked too far one way pulling it up from the roots. 
Here are pictures from the clean up. 




When the stump slapped back into place we could feel the "tremor" and hear the echo at our house.


Log removal

Window watchers from next door

Mowg needed to get in on the picture taking here's his shot:

That night our week of winter began and the next morning the stump looked like this:

Never underestimate the power of mother nature to simply move on.


SHAKS Watts said...

It's so sad to see a tree with so many stories "under its belt" go. I LOVE the picture of the 3 of you looking on!

Naomi said...

Great pictures! I agree with SHAKS.