Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome our last Day Out with Thomas
(get ready for an onslaught of pictures)

Tiny wanted as far away from the official photographer as possible.

They're singing the Thomas theme song

On the train

(and cotton candy)

Diesel 10
(and a missing tooth!)

Playing Trains
(the grown-ups least favorite place, incidentally the kids favorite
--it's far less crowded at this moment than it is most of the time)

Tiny takes her coloring very seriously

"Look see here's Percy" Tiny
"Say Steamies!" Mowg

Waiting for a balloon sword (and the making of)

waiting for a butterfly balloon

Watching a movie and eating cotton candy
(that's why I go! :))

a little golf

A little magic

Goodbye Thomas!

1 comment:

Maraiya said...

What a fun day! Your hair has gotten so long! I don't know if I've ever seen you with anything other than short hair. I love cotton candy too - once a year but the fresh stuff is so delicious!