Sunday, June 12, 2011

 We took a little trip to Fort Bridger recently
This Fort was started by Jim Bridger,
then taken over by the Mormons, and finally taken over to the military.
There are lots of interesting things to see and most importantly room to run.

Here is a bear trap circa 1900

We acquired a bugle player

An old Chuck Wagon and my dearest explaining
that they might have hung a dutch oven off the bottom.

Here is the nice young man who taught Mowg how to play the bugle.
They were both pretty pleased about the experience.

Tiny is excited about finding a ground squirrel hole. 
The ground squirrel disappeared moments before.

Pull the handcart (or just stand by your brother) in the museum

Lots of great benches along the way to just "sit for a little bit" Tiny would say.

Ranch House (or Officers Quarters...I can't remember)


We had lunch on the band stand and had a little entertainment as well.

Three hours were gone *poof* just like that.
It was proclaimed the "best day".

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Maraiya said...

Love that it was a "best day." I was also surprised at the size of the handcart; it was bigger than I had ever imagined.