Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice! (yesterday)

Summer's here!  (even here, it's here!)
We spent the day outside in the water.
Outside + Water = Bliss

I know it's not exotic, but I love this little pool.
We've had it three years now (I think) and it gets a lot of use.
I hope you're filling up on Summer Bliss where you are.


Anonymous said...

Your summer looks more summery than ours - we still wear jackets and run through raindrops AND keep the heater going. Looks so fun though! Sure miss being with you. We do have tomatoes! Little Hydroponic type - we've eaten one and have a few more ripening - pretty exciting. More than we ever got on the big plants. Love hearing and seeing you. BIG HUGS to all

Maraiya said...

I love those little pools; it's amazing how much fun the kids can have in such a small puddle of water but still completely affordable. Luckily we moved north so the kids just go to Sandy Beach whenever possible (which isn't too often thanks to the weather).