Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thomas Part 2
(on the way home)

Tiny wanted to pop her balloon.  She's trying to figure out how.

Tired but happy

Lots of silliness to go around though

Goodbye Thomas!

There's a lovely park just down the road and we love to play there.
Swings are the BEST!

Dad is really good about pushing

Once in a while some pumping occurs as well.

In other news Mowg lost another tooth yesterday.  This one got swallowed (we think).
Our cousins came to visit and we had a grand time (and not many pictures).
We celebrated a birthday.
Here are the two quotes of the month (so far)
Context:  Tiny has been calling me out of bed in the middle of the night to go potty and read a book.  (Refusing to do so during the day).  Last night she needed a diaper change and a visit to the potty at least 12 times after she went to bed.  In the early part of the night she came downstairs to find me. 
I had her on my lap and said, "Tiny, you have reached the end of my patience." 
This is the rest of the conversation:

"It's OK Mom, it's OK"
"It's OK?  What if I don't think it's OK?"
"It's OK Mom, it's OK I'll just give you a hug."

What can you say to that?!

Context 2:  Mowg and I were juicing some oranges this morning.  We took a break to taste it.
"Mom!  This is as good as spaghetti!  Mmm it's delicious!"


Marissa said...

Cute! You must make good spaghetti!

Chiska said...

Nope, but te cute man I married does! :)