Friday, June 10, 2011

Here's a few pictures from our "Friday Fun Day on Saturday" a few weeks ago.
We have "Friday Fun Day" with our cousins and their Mom and I take turns being in charge.
This was her week and we had so much fun with the painting techniques.

We learned the word "Monochromatic" and made coffee paintings.
The paint is made from a little instant coffee and water. 
The ratio of water to coffee determines the intensity of the color.

The kids also traced this cardboard shapes onto a piece of paper.
Then they colored them in with washable markers.
Once that was finished they took a dropper and splashed water on them. 
 I didn't get a picture of any of the final products,
but it gave them a really neat water color effect.

It was a fun day (as they always are)
(and I remembered to take the camera and take pictures for a change.)

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