Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sometimes it's the everyday that is worth keeping.

Here is a Tiny girl that loves a tea party.  She regularly sets it up herself.  Pulls the silverware out of the drawer, and if she can find a plate (or procure one from one of the taller folks around) She's all set.

"I a tea party"

She pauses to say a prayer.

Our new kitchen is pretty small, but she's found a spot that is hers.

Another daily occurence is playing games with Dad on the computer
Pool, hunting and some kind of color thing that has the Tiny Girl walking around saying,
"I yellow" As yellow is always her first choice. 
Mowg can't wait for the game playing time.  Is it time to play a game yet?

It's pretty serious stuff.

I love those little things that happen all the time.


Jeanene said...

Hey Chiska!
I was so happy to see that you responded. What a great surprise. I am so glad I have a way to stay connected with you. Have a great day.

mia said...

Ah random tea parties are a must for little girls. We were once doing a "party" once a day....I never had to pee so bad in all my life (too many water refills for