Thursday, December 9, 2010

I wasn't sure what to write today, so I almost didn't. 
Then we got a visit from this lovely lady:

This is right out our kitchen window

 The pictures aren't very good, but I had to try.  She and I made several minute long eye contact.
It was cool and these pictures don't do her justice.  (Isn't  that just like a camera. :))
It has reminded us how hard it is for the animals this time of year.

When we opened the door to try and sneak a carrot out. She went up the tiers of the back yard

  To give you an idea here's a picture of the tiers from the other day.  She didn't scramble.  It was more of a ramble.   Just moving on to other places.

Then a certain little excited boy called out, "Deer come back for a snack!  Here's a carrot."  For some reason she just moved on at a slightly more hurried pace.  But not before our Dad (who was the one who alerted us to her presence) got this picture.

Have you ever read the Night Tree by Eve Bunting?
It's a great story of a family tradition of going out to the edge of town and decorating a tree with food for the animals.  I think we might have our own Night Sagebrush here sometime soon.  There is a small herd of deer that hang out around here and they're certainly hungry if they're willing to come up to our back porch.  Especially considering our back porch consists of one small step.  I'll let you know if we follow through on that though.  What a magical way to start the day!

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to start the day! How fun to be able to see the wild creatures right out your window! Can't wait to see the night tree.
Much love