Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's was Christmas Tree Hunt Day on Monday.

We went for a little hike--or ride depending on how tall you were.

That's an "Are you coming?" look if I've ever seen one.
Aren't the Birch Trees pretty?  We briefly considered going with a birch this year.

There was a little crash on the way down a hill

This is a classic family shot:  Mowg is pontificating/supervising/explaining what's going on, Dad is doing all the work, Tiny is headed off on some adventure of her own and I am behind the camera.

The tree is down!

"My Tree?"

The boys were both working so hard they had to take off their coats:  like father like son.

It looks like she's building a Snowman doesn't it?  She's not, she's taking its head off.  She'll put it back, but she's going to take it off again as soon as she can. 

Mowg is explaining to Tiny that she can't take the head off again at the moment because he needs to hold our felt carrot nose on it for right now.

"I hit you noman"  Which is being interpreted:  "I hit you with a snowman."  Which is (being futher interpreted) "I hit you with a snowball."  She's only a little pleased with herself.  She did it while I was pointing the camera the other way.

"Mom, Go Wee!"  or in other words slide.  That looks a little more slanted than it was.  Since it was nearly level. 

 My little babe in the woods hurrying to go home as a storm is coming
--he's looking up at the snow coming down.

And here is my very first needle felted vegetable, a lovely carrot.  This is actually for my nephew to go with a sock stick horse I made him.  You have to have something to feed your horse after all!

The sainted man gathering up branches so I can have them to make a wreath.  He's really only beginning his Sainthood.  In a minute I'll show where he truly earned it.

An attempt to haul both tree and kids on the same sled.

It wasn't long before we capsized so Dad took the tree and carried it out to the car.
Neither one of us was sure how we let ourselves walk so far down the trail.  The snowstorm increased as we were heading back (we started out in sunshine) and you see the strangest things in the middle of storms.  Things like tree's with legs.

Now that's sainthood.

Or maybe it was when he came back and finished pulling the kids.  He saved us truly.  I'm not in any form of "good" shape.  I had to stop several times to catch my breath.  I mean I was breathing so hard I was afraid my lungs were about to turn themselves inside out.  It was fun to have Mowg in particular call out to me to stop and come look every so often.  I always thought he was going to tell me that some branches or kids had fallen out of the sled, but it was always some interesting thing that he saw:  a stump, a trail groomer, a sign, some trees.  I never would have seen those things if he hadn't stopped me.  Tiny was "hold on tight" to the bag containing the camera.  They both toughed it through the sideways blowing snow just as we reached the car.  They were cold.  Dad and I were not.  At all.  There were quite a few more hills on the way back.  Whew!  We did make it though.

Here's a picture of Tiny courtesy Mowg:

And Mowg with a statue of an elk in the background.

It was grand to be out walking through the woods all together.  There just is nothing quite like it.  We need to do that kind of thing more often. 

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Maraiya said...

Funny, that traditional picture is very similar to our traditional picture....your kids really are adorable?