Friday, February 26, 2010

Avoidance Minus 2

I had a high school English teacher who would assign us a list of sentences that had grammatical errors in them. Our job was to correct them. One of the things I was particularly adept at was re-writing the sentence to avoid the error. As we went over them in class and one of these re-writes was brought to the teacher's attention, he'd say, "Avoidance. Minus 2." He was a little dramatic about taking his two fingers and tossing them to one side as though he were throwing them away. I've never forgotten it. It's echoing in my mind as I find myself "re-writing" to avoid problems. Incidentally it actually takes more time than tackling the particular problem would. Today as I looked at the lists of things I need to do I found myself sewing some fun parachute animals for my kids. Now I'm writing to you. Hmmm Avoidance. Minus 2. Although the avoidance factor can be fun

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