Sunday, February 7, 2010

I have a stash of puppets I've collected over the years (all in my pre-kid life). They've been tucked away in the attic. Last week we brought them out and had a wonderful time watching and putting on puppet shows. Scenes from a few shows:

The Rabbit Meets Clifford Show

Lionfish looking for the Ocean

Sister takes jellyfish to the front
Come Back!

Stingray meets Eagle

It's hard to stay hidden when Zils is around
Mmm Waffle!

This leads me to a few crafty projects: I need to finish the curtain--line it and make a pocket for the tension rod. I also have orders for a bunch of new puppets. In our puppet box there were also a large number of stuffed animals of different shapes and sizes. It was fun to see the creativity in my family as we watched an eagle catch a coho, the announcement of Goldilocks and the three bears presentation and just some fun interactions. Zils wasn't sure about it at first, but now puts on regular productions in unorthodox fashion.

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GPT said...

What fun you guys are having. What a great time of life. Thanks for all the comments too. It's fun to share!