Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love paint strokes, especially on glass where the light can flow through it. I love the individualness that contributes to the whole even more than I like the whole. There are a lot of paint strokes in life that contribute to the whole picture. Today is a significant one for us. Perhaps it's the change in color, the unexpectedness of it. My little guy gets regular g-tube feedings. Today he will not have any in his waking hours. This opens up our day to unbelievable possibilities. It also marks a first major step away from them. It means that life may be possible without them. I don't think I can express adequately what that feels like or what it means. If it works well it means regular meals. It means increased opportunity for activities. It means if we don't want to watch a show because we're having too much fun doing something else, we don't have to. It also means if we want to watch one at a different time I won't have to calculate how that's going to impact our day because I know we have a designated time for watching later or earlier in the day. It means when we are visiting relatives we can enjoy them all of the time. It means that life will be different. This morning we stand on the brink of a whole new world in a brush stroke.

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