Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Polar Bear Dip
Dip really is more accurate.
Here are a few more pics and some details I just want recorded
Going Down


I'm really not sure if I ever went all the way under, but I say face under is cold enough!


Some Details:
Before we left for the river I spent my time cleaning our bathroom. This "stoked the fire" internally for me and I was quite warm, but not sweating before we ever left the house. Not exotic or even very interesting, but warm. That's what I was going for warm.
For exit-the-water warming: we had a cooler filled with a dryer warmed towel and bathrobe. I "preheated" the cooler with a microwave warmed rice bag. When it was time to go we put the towel and bathrobe in and set the rice bag on top. It worked very well. I can't tell you how heavenly it felt right out of the water.

My friend who took the kids also brought some hot chocolate in a lidded jar, both were essential. I'd set the jar down in one of our cup holders and it flipped out onto the floor. Luckily I'd secured the lid so it was no problem.

It was a nice touch that the lid was Tropical. :)

Thanks Liz, for watching the kids and the hot chocolate! Thanks Heather for taking the pictures even though the memory card wasn't there to record them. (Who knew it would look like you took a picture and not save it!) Thanks to my kids for being good and being excited for my "swim". Thanks to my dearest for the scouting, support, the warm cider, wonderful soup and being a general go-to guy (do I need to hyphenate that? :)).

Finally thanks to all of you for your encouragement and kind words!

Mmmm loved the Tropical!

3 hours after the dip, I got cold. Very cold. Thank goodness for soup!

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