Monday, January 4, 2010

I've been wondering of late just where I want to take this blog. I mean what am I doing here? Am I sharing things I'm making? Showing my faraway family what's going on? Just throwing things out there hoping to find connections in the universe? The truth of the matter is that I'm doing all of those things. Where do I want to go from here?

Then I was e-mail "visiting" with friend recently and it came to me. We used to live in an old house that was split into two apartments. She lived on one side and I lived on the other. It was an ideal "roommate" situation because we each had our own space, but could still share what we wanted quite easily. One regular occurrence for us was to visit in one of our front rooms while we sorted through our mail. We talked about so many things in those conversations. There was no focal point. Nothing that was off limits. I miss that connecting time. I learned in that space. I shared. I was excited, sad, thrilled and interested. That's what I want for my blog.

In light of that desire. I have a little something I've been a little hesitant to share as it's something almost sacred to me. It's crazy. It's important to me. I can't explain it to my satisfaction. So from my living room:

Next Monday, 01/11/10 at 1:00 p.m. I will be stepping into a River just beyond the ice pack for a few seconds. My plan is to go in and come right back out. (After all as has been pointed out to me by quite a few people the only reason that part of the river isn't frozen is that it's moving)

I need to say thank you to my dear husband who is not thrilled, but is very supportive. Thank you my dearest.

In addition, someone has agreed to donate some money to NARSAD in memory of my little brother, Tyler. This organization "supports research into the prevention and treatment of mental illness". If you are interested in joining me and/or donating, please do so.

Thanks and thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

PS Yes, my Mom inspired me. She usually does.


Heather said...

Your mom inspries you and you are awesome like she is. You inspire many who you come in contact with. Thanks. Luv Ya.

GPT said...

You're awesome and very inspirational yourself. I miss those days chatting. :) Thanks for reminding me again of how much that time meant to me too. I've been taking more pictures because of you and the blog you shared with me. I love the concept of sharing still like it was 11 years ago. Thanks Chiska, it doesn't seem we are so far apart anymore.