Monday, January 11, 2010

My Polar Bear Swim
It was a balmy 35 degrees
My wonderful assistant went in and checked the river for me, finding the best deepest spot.
He wore waders of course, so he was toasty warm
--a little on the "too toasty warm" side if you ask him.
Then he guided me in and let me go. At least the first time. There were a lot of 2's going on today. Perhaps to combat the 1's and 0's. Do you think?
Anyway, my 2 kids, their 2 friends, my 2 friends and of course that cute guy and I. One of my friends pinch hit and took pictures while the other kept the kids up on a little bench that overlooks the river. Pretty good ringside seats. I didn't hear them as I had other things on my mind, but they cheered me on. I'd show you a picture of them, but that's the other part of the 2's. As we were driving away I pulled out the camera to review the pictures and got a "no card in the camera" message. Not one of the pictures taken worked. You know, like your film not advancing, or forgetting to load it in the first place. It took pictures, it just didn't keep any. Sigh. So we decided to run home get the card and do it again. Just the two of us. Romantic, No? So that's the last 2 of the day--2 times in the River. I do a lot of things twice, I wonder what that means. I got married twice (in the same day!).
Enough of the yakking, here are the pictures:
Found the deep spot.

Coming up, aka flapping my wings.

Just taking an afternoon the river.

OK, get me out of here!

Nice and warm, heading home

The blanket I have wrapped around me is significant in that it is one of the last gifts my brother gave me.
He picked it up while he was in Mexico and it's one of my most treasured possessions.
Here's to you Ty!


Jess said...

Awesome! And to do it twice! Wow!

Naomi said...

Way to go sis! You're legendary here for sure!:) Loves!

Emily said...

You are CRAZY! And I love you for it. Again, conjuring up memories of Loch Ness. :)


Chiska said...

Thanks Guys! And Emily--for me too. Although this time there was no Nessie to knock me down. :) I wasn't quite as looney afterward.