Saturday, February 8, 2014

Primary Bee Prince in January was Mowg!  We're almost done with our blocks, but not quite.  I haven't pushed as hard to get them done this month since it was his month.  My apologies to our two early birds, we've had these blocks since early January (maybe late December), but I just got pictures today.  They've been so much fun!  Everyone's done such a great job.  Mowg has loved each one.

First from Monkey at Monkey and I.  The first is always extra exciting and he loves the brown is in the middle.

She also sent a great card with a picture of where she lives.  I didn't get a picture, but trust me it's really great and we've loved having it up.
Second came from Sarah at A Reformed Heath'n.  It has great texture and he likes the green around the outside ("like a tree").
He was a little annoyed with me taking pictures, but really loves this block too.
Then today from Amelia at Pippa's Patch this fun Christmas fabric block.  He loved looking at all the Christmas fabric.
 And a fun signature block.
I'll post again when we've gotten more blocks.
Thanks so much for all your hard work you guys!  Your blocks are GREAT!


Nikita said...

Aw he looks glad to have them and they all look really great! These kiddos are going to be pros in no time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mowg - is your quilt pieced together yet?