Friday, February 21, 2014

Tiny got to be home today so we caught up on January's block for Mowg
He think's it's awesome.
Tiny here:  I   hope   yoo     like     the   block. xoxo
I  luv  yoo.       I   like  yoo.
And here's her February block for Monkey at Monkey and I  She requested Pink, Purple and Blue.  You can't tell, but the "hello" fabric has purple in it.

Here's Tiny:
I wus  skard  wen  I    wus   hiidening   the block.  
I hope you like the block. 
I had fun making it.  It was easier than before
I started the quilting bee.


Nikita said...

Great blocks!..and Ayli is squealing here over the pink fabric.. she is in love with the block :)

Michele said...

I'm behind in reading but the blocks look great. I can't wait to see the finished quilts.