Monday, February 24, 2014

We ran a sewing machine pretty hard this weekend.  Babywan after watching the big kids sewing had to get in on some of the action.  So I let her "sew" a little.

This is her "block"

She was pretty excited.

Mowg finished his block for Monkey. 
It along with Tiny's are on their way as of this morning.
I may edit this later and let Mowg put in his two cents.
After finishing their blocks I let the kids raid the scrap bin (I have tons of scraps).
Mowg said, "Mom, we're having a free sew.  Do you know what that means?  We can sew whatever we want."  That also meant no Mom standing over their shoulder and suggesting they pay attention.
I've got some pretty creative sewers!  They were at it again this morning.
Babywan on the other hand has become quite the reader. 
Here she is reading with/to Dad.

I got a few minutes on the sewing machine this weekend
and managed to finish a long overdue hat for "Army Base 16".

Graninonymous: These are for you
A little reading with a friend.
"I want to show her, her new dress."

Busy reading.

Have a Wonderful Day!



Janine said...

How lovely to see your children sewing and reading. You have an adorable family :)

Michele said...

Hehehe. Such a fun post. It looks like they are plenty silly at times.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tiny - GREAT new dress! sure love youu