Thursday, January 2, 2014

We've joined the Primay Bee with Michelle over at Quilts From My Crayon Box Quilts in My Crayon Box.
December's block is for Wild Child at Butterfly Angels Quilting and she requested hot pink and black.  She also said she liked animal prints.  This is what the kids did:
In Tiny's Words:
                        I    maid it,  It wus  hrd  to   mak  this  blok.  Hav  u hape  noo yers!
Mowg had wanted to put the animal print inside the star, but Mom got turned around at layout time (Babywan wishes she was part of all the fun almost all the time) and we did the opposite.  He was ready to be done, so it stayed that way.
In his words:
It was hard  but I made it!  Great! huh.

We learned a lot (like don't try to do a block in one sitting) and it was fun!
January is Mowg's turn and we get to make Log Cabin Blocks.


Michele said...

They both look great and I do agree about not trying to finish in one sitting. Both of my kids took a break in between.

Nikita said...

Oh wow... those are awesome!!! Love love love their blocks : )