Friday, December 16, 2011

Some Christmas Conversations

A conversation between Tiny and Mowg:
Mowg:  What do you love about Christmas?
Tiny:  Stepping in Snow!
Mowg:  No.  What do you really love about Christmas?
Tiny:  Watching the penguins jump in the water!

We've been trying to figure out what Tiny wants for Christmas.  Recently at a work Christmas party for the kids Santa came.   She ran up to him when he walked in the room and gave him a big hug.  When he sat down she was a little more timid, until she saw that he was handing out gifts.  After she'd visited with him and she'd gotten a little stuffed snowman I asked her what she wanted for Christmas.   "A Snowman!"  I asked again and she said, "I wanted a snowman and I got one for Christmas!"

On the way home from school one day we were discussing Christmas wishes again.  Mowg and I asked Tiny what she wanted for Christmas. 
Tiny:  A rock! A pink one!

That's what she wants and she's stuck to it regardless of who asks her.  Today a saleslady asked what she was going to do with a rock she said, "Make it cute."

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