Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I know Christmas is coming and I love it, but Remember my celebration of 40 Things I'm Grateful I've Experienced/Done this Year to honor this my 40th year?  I need to share my most recent list--when I sat down to do so I thought I only had 20 things on my list.  I still have a few things left to add--not sure what they will be yet, but I have a few weeks.  Any suggestions?

1. Published an article (It came out this Month! In The Wyoming Wyoman Summer Edition)
2. Accepted an opportunity to sit on a teacher interview board (even though stepping into a school makes me slightly sick to my stomach).
3. Made a quilt top of my own design that isn't squares. (This is the ocean quilt for Tiny inspired by The Q and U) This is finished now and awaiting Christmas.

4. Completed a quilt top from a pattern. (this went off with Granny before I remembered to take a picture, but 2 years into it it's done!)
5. Took a trip to the Northwest to be with my youngest sister on a special day for her and her husband. As a side (and amazing gift) I got to visit with most of my family. Thanks Mom, Dad and Om for that gift. Better than London. :)
6. On the above trip reconnected with an old friend. What a wonderful time that was!
7. Recieved a silver bracelet as an early birthday present. This is a carved bracelet that has the two love birds (Eagle and Raven). I still can't believe that it's mine. Someone I know carved it and that makes it even more special. To top it off it came from my folks in a wonderful little ceremony that involved my folks and kids. Everytime I wear it I think of my Mom. I see her hands in mine.
8. Drove a 4 Wheeler for the first time.
9. Heard a pack of coyotes singing in the night for the first time. (Even if I mistook them for yipper dogs)
10. Went camping and fishing as just our family for the first time. Memories!
11. Caught a fish and remembered why it was so fun. ("Just one more cast")
12. Started making vinegar (first time and I'm very excited.)
13. Made a pair of pants!
14. Transitioned baby chicks from their box (in the mail) to their new home.
15. Held a grown up chicken for the first time (finally getting a handle on the freakiness of it)
16. Bought alcohol for the first time (I know this might not be a steller thing or something that would be a big deal, but it took me a while to get my nerve up so I'm counting it. Just in case you're worried it's for making something on the below list...can you guess?)
17. Volunteered at a Co-op once in my own town and once in another one.
18. Watched the fireworks from a place where I thought for a moment I was celebrating in Alaska with my little family enjoying it too. (Tiny's "bread" making aside--this included tossing dust into the air or our eyes depending on your point of view)
19. Watched two wild mountain lions cross the road and climb a cliff.
20.  Made a couple of bucket hats for the kids
21. Made Vanilla
22. Learned how to pressure can and canned 53 pints of beans.
23. Wrote another article
24.  Listened as Mowg truly read a book for the first time.
25. Bought a Christmas tree from a store for the first time ever.
26.  Finish 3 year old Hungry Caterpillar Quilt
27.  Spent Thanksgiving with one of my sisters and one of my brothers and got to "see" everyone.  Greatest holiday of my life--despite the sickness that confined me to my nieces bed.
28.  Started reading stories at the elementary school library once a week.
29.  Watchedmy son and daughter get acquainted with my family this year.  Delightful.
30.  Helped butcher chickens for the first time--mostly I was the chicken scalder and drop the chicken in the chicken plucker person, but I got to do some of the gutting/cleaning/final inspection/bagging parts too.  It's such an interesting process.  I still have some squimishness when it comes to the live ones though.
31.  Milked a Cow for the first time ever and wasn't nearly as scared as I thought I'd be--it was fun!
32.   Made cherry pie filling for the first time AND made a pie with it.  I mean I really made a pie.
33.  Picked huckleberries in the mountains--my first time for huckleberries, but a delightful flashback to childhood for berry picking and we were able to share that as a family.
34.  Took the kids to the Rodeo for the first time.
35.  Took a child to school for the first time--I still don't like that much--where did all our time go?!
36.  Got to visit with some other old friends and learn the reality of what I suspected was my memory starting to go.  It was great to see them and meet their kids!

So really--any suggestions?


Jeanene said...

I love reading about your adventures, and oh my, what adventures. You inspire me to get busy. Sounds like you are having a very merry and productive Christmas season and that is great!

Anonymous said...

Have you made snow ice cream this year? It's snowing in Juneau. Wish I could add my 2 funerals and a wedding to your list:) I'm soo impressed that you only have 4 slots left and what an impressive list of things!
Big HUGS to you