Saturday, May 30, 2009


Do you ever try to do too much? Carry too many things and find that they're all dropping? I was watching Mowgli try to carry a stack of treasures not long ago. They were just too much for him. He'd almost get them all situated and then they'd all fall. Finally I suggested that I help by taking one or two from the stack. Miraculously that solved the consisent dropping problem.
I've been reflecting on that and do you know what? I do that sometimes. OK lots of times. I have so many things that I treasure that I want to hold close to me and do. Many more things than I can possibly accomplish. As I struggle to do them all I find I manage to accomplish exactly nothing. I guess I figure if I drop them I can pick them up again--just like the tenacious Mowg.
Hmm maybe it would be ok to let one or two just stay were they are or even let someone else carry them. A shorter stack would be easier to carry. In light of that I'm going to take the next day or two off from blogging. So have a happy weekend and I'll be back Tuesday.


Heather said...

Good thought.

SHAKS Watts said...

Ouch. Too true! The visual brings it all home.