Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So the next few days I'll post pictures to catch you up on our adventures.

Exciting news first: Here is a regularly eaten item that is a new love: "Taco's" or quesadilla's. I can't tell you how fun it is to go somewhere and have EVERYONE eat the picnic lunch. It's beyond describing.

Mowgli loved fishing. He loved dragging the line in and snarling it like crazy. Dad exercised incredible patience in untangling or just cutting the line when necessary. :)

So Bahgera wasn't as impressed, but she let me know that if she was let out of her chair she would have had a lot more fun. Maybe next time.


Robin said...

I love the names for your kids. Very clever. It makes me want to get some cool names for my kids like Pocahontas or Tarzan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robin--I can't take the credit though--Mowgli named us all. :)

Emily said...

Bahgera is ADORABLE!