Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gratitude Alphabet

A Thankful Alphabet
(a suggestion from The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule)

A Ants being "chased" by Bahgera across the sidewalk
B Bahgera
C Cats in the yard in the morning
D Drinks like lemonade
E Eggs
F Food--Mowgli announced as he was giving Bahgera some of his "taco" (quesadilla) that
"I'm giving her the perfect food!"
G Garden -with growing plants
H Hot showers
I Imaginary friends and their revolving visits. The King and Isabella being the latest addition.
J Jingle bell dancing shoes--my answer to a request for blue dancing shoes and a wish (mine)
for tap shoes.
K Kind acts
L Laughter
M Mowgli and Mona Lisa smile that I get from the baby when I put her back to bed in the
middle of the night
N Nests that birds make and then destroy
O Opening of seasons
P Presents in the form of a book and fabric (with presents and cake and lemonade on it!)
Q Quilts to make and for warmth
R Rain that comes in earnest--not just a flash. Reading Stories
S Spring flowers and Sewing Machine
T Time with the darling man I married
U Up. Bahgera's delight at looking up at the sky and trees--her tiny pointing finger.
V Very excited Mowgli when he notices that the garden plants are growing (every day!)
W Willingness of friends to share their lives.
X eXcited children welcoming their Daddy home
Y You for reading my blog
Z ZZZZZZZ for time to sleep each night.


day dreamer said...

oh, i really like this, I want to do it with my kids, even just one for me would be sooo good, thanks for sharing!

Chiska said...

Sure. :) Must confess this was a reaction to a middle of the night gripe session with myself. I got to sleep after I wrote this.