Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For Liz

As you can see--Computer's FIXED! :)

So Liz asked for pics of what I've been making of late--even if it's in progress. So they are:

First a flip doll--that I clearly messed up and so is IN PROGRESS. Next time you see it it will have legs and arms on the correct side of the body.

Next Several skirts for my nieces:

The first one I made--so far the BEST

Three more. The one on the far right is from a dress my sister gave me. I'm very pleased with it. The other two, well let's just say they'll make fun play skirts.

Lest you think I've forgetten my nephew's they have something coming too (all the kids did just get a new baby sister after all) A velcro pouch to put pokemon cards in and a decoder with instructions to write secret messages. I didn't photograph them, but trust me they're fun.



Emily said...

These are adorable, and they look simple too! I should get a pattern for skirts and little-boy ties, then my kiddos can have matching Sunday outfits. You inspire me!

Emily said...

P.S. the flip doll is funny, a bunny! I want to see the final product, it looks cool.

Sally said...

You have a blog! Yay for us! I want all the skirts, I think they look perfect. Your nieces and nephews really are blessed to have you for an aunt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys! Thanks for dropping by too! I should give credit for those super EASY skirts--FREE pattern at Oliver + S at: http://oliverands.com/blog/

I have NEVER sewn clothes before...that's my encouragement for ya. Super easy--pretty cheap, only need a sewing maching, instructions, a yard or less of fabric and 1 1/2 yards of ribbon.

If anyone decides to do it and struggles with adding the ribbon on--first time you sew the WRONG sides together. Don't know if that will help, but it was great fun. I think I might have a book marked site for a tie Em--interested? (Also FREE--isn't that one of your favorite words Sally?)

As for the doll came in a kit--little on the spendy side, but very fun and I get to make TWO! Thanks for the bunny thought! :) I got her straightened out this afternoon (thank you tiny pointy scissors--since I can never find my seam rippers) Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

PS the pattern is on the side bar at the Oliver blog. C

Maraiya said...

Excellent job! You are such a good auntie....what about for cousins once removed? ;)

Chiska said...

Thanks mouse! I'd love to for cousins once removed--maybe sometime when we get up there. :)