Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is Anybody Out there?

Sailing, Sailing over the bounding main!
Thar she blows! Thar she blows!
Just a nostalgic picture of me and 2 of my siblings.
Can you guess who they are?
I don't know why they got rid of the Sandy Beach Submarine--it was the best.
Give Away!
Just to see if anyone besides my dearest love is reading this I'm going to have a little give away. Post a comment (I'm allowing anonymous comments to be posted, but you have to tell me who you are in your comment to be considered for this give away.) telling me something about your life that you are loving right now. One lucky person will receive a little "spring thing" from me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chick! I love your Pictures! Today my creativity is chocolates. We've discovered the joy for mom and kids of making tootsie rolls!!

Anonymous said...

I love modern medicine that allows me to go to a doctor and get pills to fix my current ailments. Hallelujah.

Wade said...

Not discounting in any way the other two cute kids in the photo, but I'll bet the little dark-haired one in the green pants grew up to be a knockout!

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, hope you enjoy your spring "thing"

Maraiya said...

I love this photo! You guys are so adorable! I don't recall the Sandy Beach submarine....just shows what a difference a few years can make.