Monday, June 30, 2014

We have a double Primay Bee Block Day.  I learned through this process that it doesn't take that much more time to make two blocks and the kids were impressed that they had two blocks to show for the effort of what felt like one.

There are two blocks.  The first is a Churn Dash in Purple and Blue for Lisa's daughter at A Day in the Life of Raising Six Munchkins .  The second is a Friendship Star in Hot Pink and Bright Purple for Pippa's daughter, Ameila , at Pippa's Patch

Tiny's blocks:

The blue fabric doesn't photograph well, but it's pretty in person.

Tiny here:  I  hope   you   like    the   block.   I     like    making     the     block    

I   hope   you    love  the   block.  As   much  as    I    loved   making   the   block.    LOVE    TINY    Bye  Bye   Bye    Bye     BYE 

Babywan had to get in on the action this time.  This is her block (she helped take pins out on the last seam)

She really wanted on top of the box.  She gets honorary block head title here.

It doubles as a "Nice Hat!"


She's VERY pleased to one of the gang

This is just to show that there are indeed two blocks

Mowg's blocks

"Mom this is my smile"

From Mowg:  
I hope you like the block.

He's a man of few words especially when it comes to sewing and fabric.

These will be on their way today or tomorrow depending on how the day goes.


Michele said...

Great pictures and fabulous blocks. Nicely done guys. I'm sure they will like them.

Janine said...

Great blocks and wonderful pictures. Those children are adorable :)