Friday, May 30, 2014

May Primary Bee Blocks!

Tiny's a block head here

Just kidding!  Peek-a-boo.

Here's Mowg so happy to be taking a picture

Happier still when he gets to do his own bunny ears.

This month is for Heather's daughter Sarah on her blog found here.  This was a fun block to do.  Both kids said, "Really? We're done already?!"  I really loved this block.   We sent them on their way this afternoon.   As always we hope she likes them!


Nikita said...

Ohhh love the fabrics! Ayli really loved doing this block too..she was relieved that it was so simple. I think as the days got warmer outside seem to hold more of an attraction than sewing so she was glad that it was voer with really quickly too.

Michele said...

Really nice job, both of them. I'm sure they will look great in the finished quilt.

Kwiltzby Stephanie said...

I had to laugh out loud and doing your own bunny ears! Too funny! Wonderful pictures!