Wednesday, July 16, 2014

They had a quilt show at our local library.  
I decided to participate and try something I'd been eyeing for some time.
This link to Purl Bee was my inspiration and I used the first part of the tutorial loosely to make this:

I hand quilted it using press-n-seal to mark the quilting lines.
My binding mostly pulled to the back.

I love how both sides turned out and it was fun to do something just to try a technique.
I need to learn how to bind better, but it was a fun first try and fun to have it hanging up in a public place.


Michele said...

Yeah to you for the new skill. I thought about entering a quilt or two in the county fair but realized that I just couldn't get something ready in time. Next year I'll prepare and get something in it.

Jess said...

That quilt is lovely! I also LOVE that your kids are making all of those beautiful quilt squares. Have they come together?