Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Poem by Ailene Fisher.  A Morning by Me.
Last Night The Sky Was Reckless

A Reckless Millionaire



It Threw Down Bits of Diamonds

And Strewed Them Everywhere

And On This Bright Cold Morning

As We Go Stomping Out
(I can't decide.  Is it an apple bat?)

Footprints Full Of Diamonds Follow Us About.


(Here's another one:  Drippy Nose?)
And that's three in one day! (Not drippy noses silly, posts.)
I'll see you later this week with costumes.


Liz and Kevin said...

PERFECT. How appropriate that you would take something so beautiful - add snot to it - and make it somehow MORE wonderful. I love you (and miss you!).

Jess said...

Lovely! I've missed you!

Dad said...

Ever the wonder of it all.... Delightful!