Friday, November 1, 2013

It's Halloween! Yesterday.
Meet Tonto
(No he didn't get to carry that Tomahawk ANYWHERE.  But how can you resist it for the photo?!)
And His Mummies

(If you ever need Halloween cupcakes--these are so great!  Two M&M's for eyes, a ribbon decorating tip and layers of lines.   Often I start something like this and think "What was I thinking!".  This time it turned out!  Two little notes for my reference: 
Cutting the corner off a Ziploc bag does not work--the lines of icing are too thick.
1/2 butter and 1/2 Crisco, some powder sugar and milk make sweet icing, but it works. Why does it work?  Because the saran wrap doesn't stick to them after they've had a chance "dry".)
Tonto in 1/2 makeup for school
With the feather and silver medallion on the breastplate.
Both fell off by the time he left school (don't use beading thread next time!)

The Princess at school
(though I confess to wanting to call her La Princessa)

One tiny butterfly/bug

She worked at taking off her antennae constantly,
until we went outside.  It was cold! 

The Princess in full (self applied with some guidance from a pamphlet)

Tonto in full makeup

The "Pooks"

Babywan really hates her antennae.  She did have to get in on the face paint though.

Now a crown--that's much better!
Two more because for some reason this Babywan loves the phone
She's even figured out how to make
 the answer machine play back through the phone.
(Yes, upside down.)  She just laughs and laughs. 
I wish she'd teach me how to do it. 
Maybe when she learns a few more words.


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Liz and Kevin said...

I'm going to wear a tiara the next time I cook. Or go out for dinner- whatever!