Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I like my birthdays, every one!
This is one girl that loves her babies
My Mom made me a block cake for my first birthday.
Babywan got a bunch of marshmellow's
squished into a mini cake pan.

She liked it though.

See! :)

Mowg's was a little fancier
Thank goodness for toys!

We made up an alternate storyline where in
Yoda goes back in time to get
Mace Windu to come forward in time to fight Darth Vader.
The things you do to make the story fit the toys.

A special day about a week later

The Death Star--sandwich board style
We played a game were the kids had to get through an "asteroid field" of balloons and throw a paper airplane at the death star.  They loved it!  All the kids that weren't "in the cockpit" got to be the asteroid field launchers.  "Astroids Launch!"  What's not to love about throwing balloons around?
This is the Death Star a few days later after a certain light saber took it's turn at it.



Anonymous said...

Awesome! Soo glad to see you back. What VERY fun pictures! Thank you

Jess said...

Oh my goodness I cannot believe he is 8!