Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Musical Discoveries:

The Carnival of the Animals.  Poems by Jack Prelutsky and Music by Camille Saint-Saens .
The Carnival of the Animals is a classical music piece (in case you didn't know--I didn't) that was written as caricatures of the composer's friends ill-disguised as animals.  It was introduced to me as a good way to introduce children to classical music.  It has been a delightful book.  We listen to Jack Prelutsky read his poems and then dance to Camille Saint-Saens musical sketch.  The illustrations are the perfect combination of beautiful and relevant (to the text) art.  Our favorites are the fossils, swan, donkey and aquarium.  I am not a huge fan of classical music, but I thoroughly enjoy this.

I really like feel-good music with feel-good lyrics.  They're hard for me to find.  Here are two.

Next up C'mon  by Renee and Jeremy.  Check out a YouTube music video of one of the songs from this album:  It makes you feel good.  This whole album makes us feel good and dance.  My kids love it, I love it.  It's music that sparkles with words that uplift.  "C'mon, C'mon let the happy in."

Last, but certainly not least is Elizabeth Mitchell's "You Are My Little Bird."  This album saved my emotional life this fall as far as Mowg's concerned.  There were a couple of songs that took all the tension out of whatever circumstance we were in.  We love this music.  It's fun, sweet and peaceful.....without being only mellow.  When this is playing we're singin', we're dancin', and most importantly we're smilin'.  That's a good place to be.  You might recognize the cover art Ida Pearle who wrote and illustrated A Child's Day (An Alphabet of Play).  Definitely worth the Monday (or money if you prefer).


Anonymous said...

Chiska - I love all the book reviews - such a temptation to buy them all. For the Advent Bag: Do you have 25 books? to use for that? One for each December day til Christmas? You said there are songs, scriptures and activities too, right? What a fun, fun tradition!!

Chiska said...

I did have 25 books. I have a Christmas book as well that has songs and scriptures.