Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy way into the New Year!
Here's our first family picture of the year.  We're all here.
(Thanks for the hats Mom!)

The second day of the year we took a little walk to check on the river
I love these shadow pictures.  They're trying to pound a hole in the ice.
It was pretty thick.

Favorite pictures of the day

Rock collecting

Moving forward (after throwing lots of rocks toward the trickle of the river)

(Which would you rather be: A cat or a zucchini?  It's a debate that's currently going on.  I think Mowg is going to be a girl zucchini (who knew?!) and Tiny is going to be a cat.)
Perhaps that will help you understand the lack of cohesion in this post. ;)
Next up adventures in snowshoeing

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rubyslipperz said...

O...I'm jealous! Here in Utah, we have sooo little snow. It could be close to a record year for small amounts of snow. The shadow-eee pics are really cool, would be great to have them blown up and in a pretty frame sitting on a wall in your home =) Them, youngin's grow fast! Ask me how I know? =)