Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wow has it really been a week already?!  It's been busy here.  Not much external pressure, but this is what I have been doing:

I was brave and sewed Britt's pants together (they've been cut out for about 4 months) and they fit!  (Thank you Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross)

Made a Lazy Days Skirt (courtesy Oliver Plus S free pattern, which I LOVE found here) for Tiny (couldn't leave her out of the "my Mom made it for me" bliss)

I cut most of my swap squares (400 4" squares and 43 5" squares, only 9 left)

I placed my first order through Bountiful Baskets (dot org....if you're interested.  It's a fresh fruit and vegetable co-op in several states: Texas, Utah, and Arizona to name a few) and I'm deliriously excited for our pick-up on Saturday.   Happy Day to me!  (Yes, deliriously excited)

I've been re-organizing the garage again and while it's coming together slowly there is now a walkable path through it as long as you don't get too swingy with your hips or carry too big of a load.

Began slogging through a mountain of laundry.  Laundry is my Nemesis.

Taking Mowg to his elementary pre-school 4 days a week.  He loves it.  I love that it's gotten him excited for school in the Fall and comfortable with being at the school.

Consoling Tiny who sobs and says, "Mom, I'm going to miss Mowg." Every single day.

Dodging snow flurries as they mix up the sweltering 60 degree days (complete with sunburns)/

That's my busy life and I love the little moments like these:

Saturday night I told Mowg that I would finish his pants and that they'd be hanging on the back of my sewing chair in the morning and he could just grab them and put them on.  I didn't get them done and left them hanging there inside out thinking that he would ask me about them.  Instead when I woke up I found that he was wearing them still inside out and pleased as punch to have them...even though they weren't hemmed.

Tonight after Mowg got in trouble for some interacting with the neighbor kids Mowg and I had a delightful discussion of all the letters he's learned at school.  What their sounds are and what words begin with them.  The sunshine after the storm was bliss.

In response to her Dad's question of "Why are you screaming?" Tiny responded, "I not screaming fast Dad, I screaming slow."

Tiny has also just begun to pray by herself.  When she's done she has to have high five's all around.

One of my favorite moments of the day is the nearly nightly group hug that Tiny or Mowg request in turns.  It is the perfect end to whatever kind of day it has been.


Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Laundry is my nemesis too. I call it climbing Mount Washmore.

Karen en Marc said...

I love that story about the pants. Kids really love it when we make something for them. I made so much for my kids, but the grow older and only want jeans now. I still can make them happy with a quilt, luckly. And the answer, smart kid. They must be amazing, have a lot of fun with them.

Jeanene said...

You are adorable Chiska. I wish we could hang out.

Marissa said...

Wow, you have been so productive!
I love that you save the special moments in your life, so your kids can read them later and remember them. (and so we can share in your joy)