Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I forgot about Tiny's skirt.  She did wear it the other day,
but this was the closest I could get to getting her into the skirt today.

I really love it.

Recently were able to get blackberries at a really great price.  So we made Jam and Syrup.

Tiny Smashed 'em down




It made a little jam and a little jelly.
We're going somewhere exciting today, can you guess where?
Hint:  He's blurry and in the background

This girl is definitely a child of this area.  Those are hot pads on her hands.
She put them on along with her brother's snow boots.  Then she asked for a hat and a coat.
"I have my mittens now I can go sledding."
(No snow for the last several days and it's mostly gone on the ground)

Finally in really super big news Mowg lost his first tooth! 
 He's far more excited that he looks in this picture.
There's a hole there!

And here we have a gratuitous sugar pouring shot. 
I just don't want to fight blogger layout anymore.

Add some sugar!


Anonymous said...

Yum! I'm SO very glad to see tiny dressed to go sledding! I loved hearing the story and the mental picture - makes the real picture priceless! HUGS

Amy Prior said...

Hello!!! You entered an Umbrella Prints blog warming giveaway recently and have won one of our Birdie patterns please email me so i can send you your prize x congratulations!

Pomona said...

Thank you for joining in my giveaway! I know what you mean about buttons - I am just the same!

Pomona x